AVK Syntec

AVK Syntec Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the internationally operating AVK Group, is specialised in the production of high-grade PE valves and components. The manufacturing process includes injection moulding, machining, welding and testing.


The PE valves are produced in a modern and well equipped manufacturing facility. State of the art machinery is used to guarantee a consistent high quality. Traceability is maintained throughout the complete manufacturing process from the initial injection moulding of the components through machining, welding and final batch release testing. Every valve is given a unique serial number which can be traced as far back as the raw polyethylene material. The Quality Management System complies with the latest ISO standards.


The robust PE valves have been extensively and independently type tested against worldwide leading standards and also undergone additional tests over and above those required in the specifications. This ensures an outstanding performance in the most harsh environments for PE pipe systems.

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