1. What are the advantages of PE valves over metal valves?

  • PE valves are lightweight ensuring a more easy and safe installation than metal valves.
  • PE valves are maintenance free which has to do with the fact that they are 100% corrosion resistant.
  • PE valves are more environmental friendly and have a significantly lower carbon footprint than metal valves.


2. What are the advantages of fusible valves vs. flanged valves?

  • Fusible valves guarantee a 100% leakfree and maintenance free system.
  • No extra components, like spacers, bolt or nuts, are needed.
  • Installing fusible valves saves time.


3. What are the advantages of ball valves in general?

  • Ball valves enable immediate shut-off (emergency shut-off).
  • Ball valves always seal off due to upstream pressure - press ball in seat.
  • Less chance on being affected by particles in media.


4. Do the valves have a safety feature to avoid components blowing out under pressure?

Yes, all ranges have an anti blow-out stem design encapsulated by the chimney of the moulded PE body.


5. What is PE100-RC?

PE100-RC is the "new" trend for PE piping. RC stands for resistance to crack resulting in improved slow crack growth. PE100-RC is mainly used for installing pipes without digging (religning and plowing in). PE100-RC is compatible with standard PE100 and PE80 pipes. Some customers prefer PE100-RC over PE100.


For more interesting facts about PE100 click here to visit the website of the PE100 association.